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Welcome to the ERTOA website

ERTOA (Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association Incorporated) is a National association representing and supporting:


  • Organisations operating registered training organisations (RTOs) under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework who deliver training primarily to their employees and/or volunteers;

  • Organisations who are not RTOs (or those who or engage with an external RTO) who deliver training  primarily to their employees and/or volunteers; and

  • Individuals working actively as trainers, assessors or facilitators who deliver accredited training under the VET Quality Framework.


The organisations supported by ERTOA represent a distinct and unique component of the Australian VET sector, because they are in fact industry.  They know what they need in terms of training.  


ERTOA's goal is to assist these organisations achieve their business needs in terms of training and development.  ERTOA also supports trainers, assessors and facilitators who work within the VET industry.


Click here to read more about ERTOA.

ERTOA offers you direct contact and access to training professionals with extensive experience working in enterprises delivering training themselves (either as ERTOs or those delivering non-accredited training), with  the assistance of external RTOs, or as trainers, assessors and/or facilitators delivering that training to industry.


All ERTOA members are professionals working in the same challenging training environment as you.


ERTOA was established by people like you to help you improve the business performance of your enterprise, and lift the quality of training being delivered within enterprises.

Benefits of Membership


Being a member gives you a powerful voice, that really does make a difference where it counts.


As a member you are not alone. There are currently around 60 ERTO members, covering a broad range of industry sectors, all wanting to work together and share their experiences .


You won't need to reinvent wheels. Membership gives you to access a wide range of expertise and experience.


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